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Our Teachers

Paula Sanders

Paula Sanders studied Fine Art at Cardiff Art College and Birmingham City University with a post-graduate study at the Cyprus School of Art where she developed an interest in painting directly and rapidly from the landscape. Returning to London, she continued to work in this way, using the local environment and aiming to capture something fresh and unexpected amidst the familiar. Paula has a PGCE Art Teachers Certificate from Goldsmiths University and has worked for many years an Art teacher in a theatre school with primary and secondary age groups. During the last 10 years Paula has also worked in an early childhood setting, arranging museum and gallery visits and leading creative follow up sessions. Her specialism is in painting though she enjoys a broad range of practices both as an artist and teacher.
"I think that one of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching is enabling children to find their way through a variety of creative processes, without being afraid of ‘making a mess.’ The confidence that follows gives them a vehicle for self-expression. One of my favourite artists is Winifred Nicholson whose use of colour evokes memories and sensations. On occasion, in an attempt to capture a moment, she was even known to paint with her fingers."