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Our Teachers

Kirsten Lyle

Kirsten Lyle is a London based Sculptor. She studied BA Fine Art at Canterbury College of Art and MA Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College London. Her work relates to architectural structures and design. She works in a variety of media with a particular interest in colour and light. ‘ I think of my sculptures as three dimensional painting’.
Kirsten has worked on arts education projects including Deptford X education program and Deflina Studio Trust. She enjoys working with adults and children teaching within schools, colleges and organisations.
If Kirsten were stranded on a desert Island she would like to have with her:
wood cutting tools and paper making equipment
‘I would concentrate on making Edo style kites. I would work on them in the daytime and fly them in the evening and first thing in the morning’.
"'I love to teach because I can help someone make something new and real in the world, something that began its life as a rough idea or tentative thought’"