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Our Teachers

Angus Babb

Angus Babb is a musician and tutor with more than 25 years teaching experience. He plays guitar and keyboards. He loves most types of music but especially enjoys rhythm and blues, jazz and popular styles. He has played in numerous bands and ensembles over the years.

Angus has worked touring in musical theatre and doing music workshops with people with learning disabilities. He also teaches instruments in secondary schools. He has taught various music-based workshops for different arts projects. A lot of his work has been based within the local community, including teaching for Community Education Lewisham and teaching adults with learning disabilities.
He also conducts some private lessons. He is currently trying to learn to play the trumpet, which he is greatly enjoying. He also loves singing and song-writing

If Angus were stranded on a desert island, he would like to have with him:
The Bible
The History and Complete Records of Manchester City Football Club
Bill Withers’ Greatest Hits

"I love to teach because I like to see the smiling faces of my students as they learn."