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An Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties
with Nerys Hughes WCT Founder and Clinical Director
6th March & 9th October 2017 at the Conservatoire, Blackheath

In this workshop we explore sensory processing difficulties and look at how they can make every day tasks challenging for children. The workshop provides strategies to reduce the impact of these difficulties, laying the foundations of a supportive environment at school and at home.

This workshop is aimed at teachers, support staff, clinicians and families who are looking to understand how sensory processing disorders can affect so many of the children we know and work with.

Nerys is an Advanced Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) and the founder and clinical director of Whole Child Therapy.  WCT is a social enterprise and also one of the first multi-disciplinary clinics in the UK. We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, nutritional therapy, play therapy and family support  for families, schools and charities.

Nerys has advanced practitioner recognition in sensory processing disorders, complex eating and drinking dysfunction and postural and seating management.  Nerys is also trained in primitive reflex integration. She specialises in complex disorders such as down syndrome, autism and chromosomal disorders as well as working with gifted and talented children to help the thrive.


Nerys lectures across the country on the treatment and management of sensory processing disorders.  Her commitment to multi-professional practice that is both evidenced based and effective is the core of WCT values.

What people say about Nerys' training and lectures:

"Thought Provoking"

"Inspirational & so informative. Brilliantly Presented"

"The sheer expertise that Nerys has is amazing"

"Brilliant  -such an inspiring teacher"

"Very inspirational"

"Brilliant event. Nerys was amazing, engaging and enthusiastic.  My awareness has improved greatly as has my understanding.  So many familiar stories / case studies, not just thinking of our schoolchildren but my own son! Lots of alarm bells ringing. Very emotive day. thank you!"

"Fantastic course and inspiring speaker.  I wish my whole school team could have had this training!"

"engaging and inspiring"

"Best CPD in a long long  time"

"So many "oh so that's why moments. A really rewarding course