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Meet The team

Michael O’Byrne


Michael and his wife Anna have lived in Blackheath since 2010 and love the open, green spaces, the village feel and the sense of community. They have two young sons who are at nursery and school in Blackheath. They first discovered the Conservatoire with their boys in the Early Years Art classes – and their kids are still bringing home ‘masterpieces’ from the Art-Venture classes! Anna has just started bringing her own ‘masterpieces’ home from the Beginners Watercolour classes!!

In his own youth Michael was a keen piano and saxophone player and a member of a barbershop quartet. As his music collection will attest he has eclectic music tastes from jazz to musicals to rap – and he believes strongly in the value of musical education. His 5 year old son is now taking part in the wonderful Musical Roundabout classes at the Conservatoire – although Michael (and his ears) are secretly hoping he will not choose violin at the end of the year!

Michael was educated at the London School of Economics in Finance and is now a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. A busy job and two young children leaves little spare time nowadays for personal artistic pursuits. He is therefore proud to be chair of the Board of the Conservatoire, which continues its long history as a creative hub for art, music and drama in south east London. Michael aims to bring to the Board and the Conservatoire a strategic view as well as strong financial discipline and executional focus. He’s delighted to work with such dedicated and passionate people who all want to ensure The Conservatoire remains a vibrant organisation at the heart of the Blackheath community.